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The War on Thought

Since the fifth generation leadership team of the Chinese Communist Party assumed office three years ago they have taken drastic steps to curb freedom of expression and overpower religious and civil organisations not sanctioned by the Party. The Weiquan movement is  a group of human rights lawyers, Beijing has arrested many of its leading lights including the well-known Pu Zhiqiang.

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China’s party men concerned as anti-corruption campaign claims scalps

Michael Sainsbury Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign is opaque, utterly devoid of due process — and hurting big business. When Rio Tinto chief executive Sam Walsh, then head of the company’s iron ore division, inked two high-profile deals with Chinalco president Sun Zhaoxue in 2010, little was he to know that just four years later Sun would be

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Ma Ying-jeou v Sunflower Movement: Round II

Bruce Jacobs The Sunflower Movement occupied Taiwan’s legislature on March 18, 2014 in protest against the attempt by some ruling party members in the legislature to approve the Cross-Straits Services and Trade Agreement (CSSTA), which had been negotiated between China and Taiwan, by short-cutting agreed procedure. Many in Taiwan were concerned about provisions in the

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