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Virgin Airlines Murky Shareholder

Michael Sainsbury Sections of this article were originally published in and The international storm of controversy around conglomerate HNA Group, one of Virgin Australia’s two secretive and highly acquisitive Chinese shareholders – and also an investor in Australia’s property sector – just won’t go away and part I, at least, now looks set

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How Big Iron’s mistake cost you billions

Michael Sainsbury As the iron ore price stopped plunging this week — it closed last night at US$47.60, up a measly 30 cents and only a couple of bucks off its 10-year low, and the simple rules of supply and demand dictate that it will slump again — a fresh roadblock has appeared in the way of Australian producers. The

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When Henry met Rio

John Garnaut Fairfax Digital, March 29, 2015 American statesman Henry Kissinger pocketed close to US$5 million ($6.4 million) for guiding mining giant Rio Tinto to wash its hands of its jailed China chief, Australian citizen Stern Hu, and build relations with Bejing. Fairfax can reveal that the 92-year-old former US secretary of state made clear

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The War on Thought

Since the fifth generation leadership team of the Chinese Communist Party assumed office three years ago they have taken drastic steps to curb freedom of expression and overpower religious and civil organisations not sanctioned by the Party. The Weiquan movement is  a group of human rights lawyers, Beijing has arrested many of its leading lights including the well-known Pu Zhiqiang.

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