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Iron giants: Gina’s gunning for Twiggy, and it ain’t gonna be pretty

Michael Sainsbury The price of iron ore got some respite last week, but it is likely to be only a dead cat bounce as market analysts took their axes to forecasts yet again. Although it has risen from a 10-year low of US$46.70 per tonne closing at US$50.80 last night , many analysts have cut

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Fortescue Metals moves to rescue falling share price, but too late?

   Michael Sainsbury Crikey, crikey.com.au, March 13, 2015. Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group will need to move soon if it’s to avoid serious financial strife caused by the ongoing downturn in the global iron ore market. The world of Fortescue Metals Group can be a strange place. It is seeking to raise $2.3 billion

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Iron ore plunges to US$91.80, small miners facing losses

Michael Sainsbury As regular readers will know, Little Red Blog has, for quite some time been unfashionably bearish on both the Chinese economy and the iron ore price. So it’s with some relief that we can report that both are softening at the sort of rate we had expected but which most, at the start

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