A Chinese convicts dilemma in an Australian prison

John Garnaut
The Age, April 4, 2015

The gang of plain-clothed Guangzhou city police arrived at Matthew Ng’s apartment with a show of force in the evening, when they knew his family would be watching. They bundled him away in a big white van, kept him up all night, and put him through the protracted process of “breaking down”, which is supposed to lead to submission and confession. dilemma

In the early hours of November 16, 2010, when the high-flying Sydney banker and his glamorous wife Niki Chow should have been flying to Spain to seal the $100 million sale of their London-listed travel business, Matthew Ng (pronounced “Ung”) was stripped of his wedding ring, his Buddhist amulet and all his clothes.

“It was cold,” says Ng, in one of a series of letters sent from the Hunter Valley prison farm to which he has recently been transferred. “A very grumpy doctor examined me while I was naked for five minutes. It was then I started to feel fear and loss of dignity and a complete departure from the world I was accustomed to. Then I was asked to put on the detainee uniform: dark blue, flimsy material and very smelly. I started to panic.” Read more….